“Give Me 4 Days And I Will Teach You

How To Market Just Anything On The Internet”

 ... this is the most comprehensive digital marketing training you will ever take.

Dear Friend,

I would like to show you how to generate steady organic and paid traffic that truly converts like crazy so that you don’t have to depend solely on just one channel like a nymph only to get booted out when something goes wrong.

Fortune Chidera participated in this training a few months ago and went on to generate N150,000 pure profit in 9 days simply by implementing one of the digital marketing strategies I shared with him.


Cleopatra Chidimma Nnamani participated in this training and went on to master how to generate steady, non-stop quality real estate leads that convert like crazy and in the process earning hundreds of thousands in commission.


Jacob Osesua Eriewelo took part in this training a few months ago and his e-commerce business was birthed from scratch even before the training was over.

I don’t like mentioning names of people my training has benefited because I’ve lost count of them but I had to do this so that you can verify my claims if you need to do that before jumping on this program.

Why You Should Listen To Me

I am a multiple Award-winning blogger, CEO of Entrepreneur Business Blog, Chief Evangelist of Ebusinessroom Ventures, Lead Coach of The Excellent Entrepreneurs' Network (TEEN) and Convenor of #NaijaSitUp.

My business is to help you start, manage and grow a profitable and sustainable business using digital marketing strategies. I have been featured and mentioned on platforms like, BloggingTips, StarterStory, StatusBrew, Realty Times, Emerald TV, SmartBCamp, Blogging from Paradise, Write Worldwide, Enterprise Boom, Atang Magazine, etc. In 2019, my blog won the Best Digital Media Award from AB Afrikpreneur. W

In 2019, I won the Blogger of the Year from the Global Excellence in Marketing Awards, USA and my brainchild, EBB won the Best Digital Media Award at the AB Afrikpreneur Awards

Enough said about me. Let's talk about you.


Right now, the first, most guaranteed and super-fast platform to acquire fresh, quality leads is the internet.


What is even more interesting is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, in your pajamas or even while traveling around the world.


The moment you are able to learn how to acquire customers from the internet, non-stop, there’s absolutely nothing that you want to sell and it won’t  FLY.



Using my digital marketing skills, I’ve sold Real Estate, e-commerce products, health products, insurance to the U.S. and Australian audiences, digital products and services, and even developed meaningful relationships online with people in different continents.


Some of my previous students have gone on to generate millions of Naira by simply implementing what they learnt


The only reason what I will teach you won’t earn you millions of Naira in the long run will be because you refused to take a non-too-technical action that I actually simplified like ABC.


But if you are like most people, you will take action and get a result you can be proud of.


Ask any genuine internet marketer you know that’s actually making money online and they will tell you this honest truth I’m about to share right now.


“Once you learn digital marketing, you can go into any online business niche and succeed. GUARANTEED!”


Quote me anywhere. I will defend it with mind-blowing results.


Here’s why...


... because digital marketing skills can help anything you do today to flourish.


So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a job seeker, an underpaid employee, or a business owner, what you will learn from this digital marketing training will be enough to set you up for life....

For job seekers and underpaid employees, I will be recommending HIGH-INCOME BUSINESSES where you can deploy what I will teach you to start generating instant results.

And as for existing business owners, during the course of my training, I will cite my examples with your specific businesses so that you don’t have to pay anyone an extra fee to design formidable digital marketing strategies for you.


In this digital marketing training you will learn:

  •  What digital marketing is and what it is not.
  • Why you need to start using digital marketing in your business or career.
  •  How to create jaw-dropping content that will be instrumental in accelerating the growth of your business with or without paid advertising.
  • How to generate steady, non-stop quality traffic from Facebook and Google with and without paid advertising.
  • How to build an engaged email list from scratch, increase your email open rate, monetize it and set up a business around it.
  • My never-heard-before strategies for building a profitable blogging business from scratch.
  • The search engine optimization secrets most successful bloggers aren’t talking about for the fear of you outranking them and taking over their customers. I’m sure some of them will hate me for this but I don’t care.
  • How to craft words that will make people take any action you desire. It’s called copywriting. Your sales will skyrocket when I’m done showing you how to persuade people to do your wish.
  • Do not use the writing techniques I will share with you to sell fake or illegal products. 600 years suffering is real.
  •  Digital marketing analytics you should pay attention to if you truly want to stay in charge of your online business.
  •  And many more.

 Most of the things I will be teaching you in this training are long-held digital marketing strategies I’ve never shared with the general public before.

I have just one goal...

And that is to show you... exactly how to sell anything on the internet irrespective of the online platform you choose to use.

Is this what you’ve been looking forward to learning or mastering before 2020 is over?


If yes, then you should take advantage of this golden opportunity.


Normally, I would have loved to give everyone an opportunity to learn this but digital marketing is not for everybody.


This training is NOT for you if...


  • ... you have a track record of giving up easily


  • ... you hate taking action


  • ... you won’t feel comfortable me checking up on you to know if you did your assignment or not (of course, it won’t be at odd hours)


  • ... you can’t find your way to Lagos for the training (but if there’s a popular demand with down payment, I will record an online version for you)



Now you know who the training is not for, let’s talk about who this training is for.


  • ... you love taking massive action
  • ... you won’t give me flimsy excuses repeatedly why you didn’t do your assignment.
  • ... you own a business, you’re an underpaid employee, you want to go from being employed to becoming self-employed or you just want to add value to your company. 

Today, I want to give you the opportunity to learn the all-in-one skills you need to sell anything online irrespective of where you live in the world.

Here's What You'll Be Learning That Has Capacity To Change Your Life 

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Profitable Traffic Secrets
  • Copywriting
  • Google Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing/Funnel Building
  • Chatbot Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • ...and many more.

Pyhysical and online classes available. 

Digital marketing is one of the high-income skills, and as a result, it won’t be a bad idea if I ask you to pay N200,000 for the four days training. It will still be worth it.


But I won’t do that because I know that not many people are finding it easy this season.


I won’t ask you to pay N150,000 nor N100,000 even though I can justify these prices.


I won’t ask you to pay N150,000 nor N100,000 even though I can justify these prices.


For just N50,000 you can be a part of this training.


 To secure your spot, pay N50,000 into:

Account Name: Ebusinessroom Ventures

Account No: 0098000761

Access Bank

After payment, send your proof of payment and phone number to info@ebusinessroom.us

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive the venue of the training that will hold every Friday and Saturday in November.


Even if you don’t have any profitable business or good paying job yet, I will recommend some easy-to-start businesses you can deploy your digital marketing skills and start making money online immediately.


 Are you ready? Secure your spot now.


 I look forward to seeing on the other side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where is the training taking place? 

A1: It will hold in an undisclosed location in Lagos. The actual venue will be communicated to only paid participants.  


Q2: What time is the training? 

A2: It starts by 12 noon and ends by 4pm.  


Q3:  How long will it last?

A3: It will last for 4 days in November (two times per week for two weeks)  


Q4: How many people can you accommodate in this training? 

A4: Only 10 students per batch. If you miss this opportunity you’ve missed it.  


Q5: Can I pay in two installments? 

A5: We don’t encourage it but if you must do it please note that you will be paying N55,000 instead of N50,000. Pay N30,000 now and complete the payment a week later

Listen To What An Action Taker Has To Say About The Training

You have seen for yourself what people are saying about the impact of this training on their businesses and finances. 

You have two options right now. 

You can either keep enrolling in every free or paid digital marketing class that doesn't help you acheive your business or financial goals, or enroll for this one. 

The choice is yours. 

Here's What You'll Be Getting Again

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Profitable Traffic Secrets
  • Copywriting
  • Google Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing/Funnel Building
  • Chatbot Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • ...and many more.

Pyhysical and online classes available. 

Here is how to be part of it. 


Pay N50,000 to:

Account Name: Ebusinessroom Ventures

Account No: 0098000761

Access Bank

After payment, send your proof of payment and phone number to info@ebusinessroom.us


Emenike Emmanuel, 

E Business Room Ventures.

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